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Podcast / Sound Design
On the Night Train 
Episode 19; 2023
The Night Train is racing along the tracks towards Summit Tunnel.
Paul, Will, and the Porters must try to stop the Night Train before it crashes!
Blood Soaked Spurs
Part 1; 2022
The silence of the land is shattered by blazing steel!
Today, the ruthless Deserters have the upper hand...
Reading Roulette

Genghis Khan asks you why you are listening to Reading Roulette: the Choose Your Own Adventure Literary Podcast. He is wielding a battle axe of some kind. What do you tell him?

  • If you show your library card, and tell Genghis that Reading Roulette is a podcast about a series of children’s books from the 1980’s, then turn to page 32

  • If you offer the Khan a hit of your opium pipe, and say that Reading Roulette is a whimsical magical mystery tour by a 90’s psychedelic garage band, then turn to page 8

On the Night Train 
Episode 18; 2023
With broken brakes, the Night Train is a runaway train!
Can Will, Harold, and the crew stop the train from crashing into Summit Tunnel?
Blood Soaked Spurs
Part 2; 2022
A struggle in the dark pines of Arkansas!
A scavenger is frustrated... 
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